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Group Sessions

to Nov 22

Your Journey To Personal Wellness & Empowerment: A Mind, Body, & Soul Experience

Learn how to develop the skills you need to overcome self-defeating habits, by ridding your mind of negative mental scripts, and exploring your incredible potential. This group is for everyone! Learn how to manage depression and anxiety, or find your purpose in life.

A 7-week group. $25 per session. (includes materials, spa visit, consultations for food and self-care and more). Every Friday night from October 25, 2019 thru November 22, 2019 starting at 7 pm each night.


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to Aug 20

Overcoming the Wrong Romantic Encounter: When the Relationship is not consensual

Euphoria fills your world. You made all the right choices. You’re in too deep when your “Yes” becomes a “No”. You no longer agree with the next steps of this romantic encounter. This group walks through tools for making the big decisions and how to heal from the broken heart, dreams, and expectations.

4 Week Group Sessions Starts: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 6pm – 7pm Until August 20, 2019 ($25 per session)

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to Jul 16

Life Beyond the Sorrows - Permission to Grieve & Live

Find support in handling the tough emotion of Grief. Grief is most often experience when a loved one is gone. Grief is also experienced in life more often than recognized. Life Beyond the Sorrows walks with you through understanding when grief happens, what to do with your emotions, and how to live beyond the overwhelming sorrow. Start your healing process today.

4 Week Group Sessions Starts: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 6pm-7:30pm until July 16th, 2019 ($25 per session)

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to Jun 4

They Just Don't Listen - Effective Communication between Parents & Teens

You have told them a million times with no respectful response. You are at the end of your conversational rope. You are ready to give up, give in, and give them over! Learn the most effective ways to get your point across without permanently damaging your Parent-Teen relationship. For both Parents and Teens.

4 Week Group Sessions Starts: May 14th, 2019 6pm - 7:30 each Tuesday night until June 4th, 2019

($25 per session)

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